Why we need wheel balancers? 4 truths you must need to know!

We balance wheels to cancel out the uncomfortable vibration that can be felt when an unbalanced wheel is traveling at speed. However, the imbalance is not the only cause of wheel and tire induced vibration. A vehicle may have four perfectly balanced wheels and still experience vibration due to Road Force, or the change in force acting on a wheel assembly as it rolls.

Why do you need it?

It’s important to have your wheels checked for balance because they will strain the coil springs and suspension components otherwise. This can prematurely damage your car’s suspension and steering systems.

So, the next time your mechanic offers to balance your wheel, don’t think it’s just an upsell. It’s an important part of car maintenance that we at Unite Automotive Equipment believe car owners should be more aware of. Therefore, we included wheel balancers in our product inventory.

If you own an auto repair shop, give your clients the points presented above if they are hesitant about getting their wheels checked. Moreover, we have several digital, portable, and LCD wheel balancer options at Unite Automotive Equipment to help you out.

If you are a business owner with your own fleet of service and utility vehicles, add a wheel balancer to your arsenal of tools and equipment, too. With our brands and four categories to choose from, you’ll find a wheel balancer that suits your fleet and clientele.

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