How Useful is the Rolling Jack Stands for Your Auto Repair Shop?

A rolling jack stand is a must-have piece of equipment for any auto repair shop. Which jack stand is right for your shop depends on your shop needs and which lift you have or plan to get. With so many great options and quality brands, choosing a rolling jack stand may seem overwhelming. 

If you own or plan to own an auto repair shop, there is a lot of important equipment you will need to run a profitable business. Without suitable equipment, you will not be able to safely or quickly function the critical repairs for your customers. In addition to the other important equipment you will need for your auto restore shop, you will desire a two rolling jack stand. In order to perform wheel service on a four-post car lift or scissor lift, you will surely want a rolling jack stand.

A rolling bridge jack is the only way to turn a four-post car lift or scissor lift into a full-service car lift. Each frame-engaging jack lifts one-half of your car, and two will raise all four wheels off the runways.

Rolling jack stands are an excellent addition to any auto repair shop, and they come in many different capacities and are used to raise a vehicle off of the runways. Rolling jacks allow you to realize the full potential of your 4-post lifts. With rolling jack stands, you can forget about manual or awkward bottle jacks and greatly improve the functionality of your 4-post lifts. Using the rolling jack, you can raise the wheel and tire assembly off an above-ground lift for easy access. Typically, rolling jacks will be able to fit many different brands or car lift. You will need to use a rolling jack stand for any wheel related repairs. For any repairs that require raising the vehicle, you will need a strong floor jack to support the raised vehicle.

Considerations for a Rolling Jack

There is no doubt that a rolling jack is a great investment for your auto repair shop. However, there are many choices for rolling jacks. Before shopping for the best rolling jack, make sure to assess your shop and its needs. Some questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a rolling jack include:

●What kind of repairs do I typically perform at my auto repair shop?

●How much space do I have available?

●What is my budget for a rolling jack?

●How much capacity do I need from a rolling jack?

●Which 4-post lift do I currently have and which rolling jacks are compatible?

Types of Rolling Jacks

When considering which rolling jack is best for your auto repair shop, it is important to understand the different types of rolling jacks. Then, you can compare the different types to determine which one will be best suited for the repairs you do at your auto shop. The main types of rolling jacks include the rolling bridge jack, hand pump rolling jack, hand pump rolling jack, and air/ hydraulic operated rolling jack.

Rolling Bridge Jack

The sliding bridge jack is one of the most commonly used car lifts because of its compatibility with common car lifts. The rolling bridge jacks come in a variety of capacities, so there is one suited for your shop.

Hand Pump Rolling Jack

The hand pump rolling jack is a manual jack that does not require and air compression. With an easy-to-use hand pump, this manual rolling jack is great for wheel and brake work. The hand pump rolling jack fits most 4-post lifts and features a welded channel. With a manual hand pump, this rolling jack if oftentimes more affordable than those with air compressors. For a simple, affordable rolling jack, opt for one with a hand pump.

Air/ Hydraulic Operated Rolling Jack

Unlike hand pump rolling jacks, air/ hydraulic rolling jacks take advantage of air for operations. These rolling jacks are used to raise the rear or front of a vehicle for you to perform brake and wheel services. When using air operated rolling jacks, it is important to never exceed the recommended delivered air pressure. Doing so may damage your jack. Because they take advantage of hydraulics, these rolling jacks tend to be the best option for the most heavy-duty automotive lifting and usually have the highest capacity.

Quality is imperative for any auto repair shop equipment, especially the rolling jacks. Only purchase your rolling jacks from a trusted brand and reputable source. At Unite Automotive Equipment, we only offer the highest-quality rolling jacks. Choose from Unite rolling jacks including:

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