How To - Assembling & Installing U-E35 Scissor Car Lift

This has been a long time coming.  I finally have somewhere to put a lift.  I'm partial to scissor lifts.  I've found there is very little information about how to install and how they function, so I'm going to provide it.

The U-E35 Scissor Lifts has no cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area). All pivot points are made with self-lubricating bushings for long life. Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release ensures maximum safety when the lift is in standing position. Hydraulic leveling system by means of a patented synchronization device assures constantly level lifting platforms regardless of weight distribution. 

Model U-E35

Safety Features:

1. Precision machined safety lock

2. Safety descending stop & alarm

3. Safety valve for anti-explosion of hydraulic system

4. Height limit switch

5. EVA Rubber mat (4pcs/set)

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