Unite Mobile Tyre Service: With Us In The Future Of Wheel Service

For over a decade, Balance Group has been dedicated to mobile tyre service and has developed a range of products, including the U-VM610 Mobile In-Vehicle Tyre changer, to support tyre specialists in their on-site tire-changing jobs for commercial and passenger vehicles, making it possible to work in various locations such as factories, parking lots, rest areas, and even on the side of the road, indicating that mobile tyre service will play a significant role in the future of vehicle maintenance.

For at least one decade, Balance Group has been focusing on this type of wheel service, and with time we have developed a complete range of products to support tyre specialists during their tire-changing job “at the customer’s site”.

U-VM610 Mobile In-Vehicle Tyre changer models are designed to gain the best performance in tyre service, both on commercial vehicles and passenger cars, with autonomous power connection or connection to the customer’s plant, on installations even on the lightest and most compact commercial vehicles.

U-VM610 Mobile In-Vehicle Tyre changer models have granted us a chance to develop the best and most efficient solutions for tire fitters working “at the customer’s place” being it a factory space, a parking lot, a rest area, or even the side of the road!

Mobile tyre service is going to take a prominent position in the future of vehicle maintenance.

Introducing the U-VM610 Mobile In-Vehicle tire changer - the perfect solution for roadside and workshop tire service. This user-friendly machine is ideal for use in closed vans or small workshops, with protected controls and a hydraulic clamping and chucking table that can handle even agricultural tires. The center locking feature allows for single central docking with a ring nut, while the bead pressing head, lifting cylinder, control console, manual tire spreader, mount/dismount hook, positioning pin, sliding arm, cabinet, flange plate, and quick clamp provide all the necessary tools for efficient and effective tire changing. Upgrade your tire service game with the U-VM610 Mobile In-Vehicle tire changer.