128th Canton Fair Invitation From Balance

The 128th Canton Fair, an innovated, dynamic and different fair.

Because of the Corona this year, the organizer of Canton Fair made themselves innovated with the first step into online show, which was the 128th Canton Fair. It was a new step for Canton Fair, but also a new step for Balance Group.

With the efforts of the entire Balance team, we also presented a new face to all the new and old customers in the world and brought them a different feeling about Balance Group, and at the same time, we knew some customers who needed the Tyre Changers, Vehicle Lifts, Wheel Balancing Machines, Four Wheel Alignment Equipment, Oil Extraction Machines, etc.

128th Canton Fair for Buyer’s Guide

Dear customer,

We are pleased to tell you that we will host live streaming on Oct.15-24, 2020 on our production bases. To celebrate the first live streaming, we prepared gifts with big promotion programs and expect to meet you on the live show!

There are 2 ways to attend the #128 Canton fair.

Visit the website: https://auth.cantonfair.org.cn/user/login. If you have attended the Canton fair before, Click ‘Verify Buyer Badge’ to finish the verification and login.

Visit the website: https://auth.cantonfair.org.cn/user/login. Please click ‘Buyer Register’ to enter the registration page. Then submit your information and login.

How to enter our live streaming room?

Login and search ‘8.0I25’ or ‘8.0I26’ to enter the live streaming room of our Tyre service equipment in Jiangsu production base.

Or search ‘8.0A30’ or ‘8.0A31’ to enter the live streaming show about the lubrication service machines and AC service stations in Guangzhou production base.

Or search ‘8.0I22’ or ‘15.3H05’ to watch live show about welding machines in Zhuhai production base.