Application/ Confirmed Form for Products Change : Structure of the slide seat for Two post Lift

 Application/ Confirmed Form for Products Change

Product name Two post Lift Change item Structure of the slide seat
Disposal suggestion Please inform the customer of the business, check the recently shipped orders and confirm the changes with the customer. changes implement date December 1st, 2021
No. PCL-21012
applied by Klaus 
Product service Dp.
ReasonContinuous Improvement
Class Important 

Picture before modify

Picture after modify

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For simplify the universality of accessories of 4 tons two-post lift, we have made comprehensive optimization changes to the sliding carriage of 4 tons two-post lift;

the advantages as below:
1. The slider seat adopts the overall bending design, which has higher strength;
2. The sliding block is embedded in the slide seat for more stability.
3. It is more convenient to replace the slider;

During the switching period, we will keep the original designed accessories;

This change is the positive improvement design for our products and we will use this design do mass production in the future;

We recommend that all customers accept this change;
If you decide to produce your machine without this new design, please tell us the reason before Nov.31th.

Thank you.
original sliding block of T40 series JZ09030024204
original sliding block of T40G & T42 series JZ09030024224
New sliding block of T40G & T42 & T40 series JZ09030024224