2 Post Car Lift vs 4 Post Car Lift: Which One is Better?

Car lift plays a significant role in car repair - lifting the car to a certain height by manual control. Therefore, almost all car repair shops are equipped with car lifting machines to provide great help for auto maintenance and tire alignment. Likewise, car lifts are a solution for many homeowners to simplify parking problems, saving money on vehicle storage which is a good alternative to expensive garage expansions. In some cases, you may have a seasonal vehicle that takes up your precious garage parking space for months at a time, even though you don't drive it. Plus, for example, garage clutter, more cars than garage parking space, no space for car wash, etc. A car lift can solve all these difficulties mentioned above and make it possible to repair your car at home.


In the comparison between 4 post car lifts and 2 post car lifts, the former is undeniably in the lead in terms of ease of use.

Two metal arms of 2 post car lifts support the vehicle's weight. That means there is much less room for operational error while using a 2 post lift. And you need to determine the lifting point currently, which can vary from vehicle to vehicle. In other words,2 post car lifts require more care and precision during operation.

Indeed, using any car lift equipment requires adequate safety awareness. However, in contrast, 4 post car lifts only require you to drive your vehicle onto the platform of the lift simply. Since all four wheels support your vehicle, without a doubt, you don't need to spend extra time to make sure your vehicle is perfectly aligned to achieve a safe lift.


Many vehicle owners can be intimidated by owning a car lift - with vehicles weighing thousands of pounds, is it really safe to park a vehicle on top of another vehicle?

2 post car lifts: As mentioned above, it is critical to determine the proper point for lifting to store a vehicle safely. Otherwise, the center of gravity of the lifted vehicle is unbalanced, increasing the risk of the vehicle falling.

4 post car lifts: They can provide more stability with twice as many posts as 2-post lifts. Combined with their relative ease of use, they have also often been considered a safer option for heavier vehicles and long-term storage.

In fact, the professional and reliable car lift manufacturer will adhere to the strictest safety standards to ensure safety. Generally, any 2 post and 4 post car lift will have a safety lock and may have a hydraulic flow limiter feature. 4 post car lifts will also include front and rear wheel locks to prevent the vehicle from rolling off the front or back of the lift platform.

Auto Repair

For some people, additional car storage space may be secondary. They would prefer to have a car lift machine for better maintenance of their vehicle. At this moment, choosing a 4 post car lift or a 2 post lift is still a debate that will be covered. And you will get a range of opinions about which one is better suited for use as a home service car lift.

Some insist that a 2 post car lift is better because it is easier to reach the wheels and more areas of the vehicle's underside. Others may counter this argument by saying that they can use a jack to lift the vehicle off the lift platform for such tasks. 

Admittedly, this does get a bit cumbersome. The most significant advantage of a 4 post car lift for auto repair is its movability, allowing you to work on repairs in a much wider area.


Whether you choose 2 post or 4 post car lifts, actually choosing according to your practical situation is the best one. As we all know, China is the world's largest producer of auto protection equipment, and the number of exports is much higher than the domestic demand. Therefore, it's very important to cooperate with a professional and responsible lifting equipment manufacturer in China, and Roadbuck is the best option for you! We offer a wide range of car lifting equipment - single post car lift, 2 post car lift, gantry car lifter, scissor car lift, portable car lift, etc. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at sales05@balancer-sh.com