Mega Sale:Any type of Wheel Balancer +3D Alignment VA2023, 15% OFF !

Get ready for the year 2024 big sale, and UNITE has launched the latest mega sale. If you are planning to replace or purchase a new wheel balancer or 3D wheel alignment, so don’t miss out on our discounts. Here is a saving way: Any wheel balancer + 3D wheel alignment VA2023 mixed container, 15% OFF. Please take a look at the product introduction to help you know more information.

Here is Wheel Balancer:

  • Electromagnetic Brake

The electromagnetic brake function can automatically position the inner and outer unbalanced position.

  • Laser Pointer

Point out the imbalancing place with the laser automatically.

  • LED Lighting

Equipped LED to illuminate the weight position indicator.

  • Automatic Measurement

Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring, allowing faster data input.

The tracking sticking balancing mode is particularly suitable for high-class wheel uses stick-on weights only.

Automatic width measuring scale.

UNITE Wheel Balancer sales in more than 90 countries. It is favored by lots of customers. We provide different types of machines, including simple types and proline types. There are various functional configurations. Such as the auto-locate function, the tire auto-rotates, to find unbalanced points, equipped with an electromagnetic brake, safe and reliable, with laser guidance, which will be more convenient. Some carry multiple balancing operation models, which can make balancing blocks attach to them. At the same time, the machine and electronic measuring ruler can be self-calibrated. With the laser locate machines that the software system already gets the patents, the interface is easier to use. And Increasing precision in software utilization.

So choose any wheel balancer, according to your own consideration.

The other product is 3D Wheel Alignment VA2023.

VA2023 is a new in-house of UNITE. It is for cars and light trucks and is already certified by CE, EAC, and RoHS.

More advanced measurement. The function is intuitive real-time data comparison with standards,precision wheelbase & track detection, and engine frame adjustment at your fingertips. Industrial-grade HD camera, total Vehicle & platform coverage Save more time than traditional, 0.5 second super response speed, 20 seconds super fast vehicle measurement time.

The hardware is designed with Special material. Rugged fiberglass targets, speed, stability, and strength.And in-house software with rich vehicle data, and free upgrades.

If you are interested in our wheel balancer and 3D wheel alignment VA2023, Welcome contact our sales or leave a message, to explore more equipment functions. Grab a match one and order now.

So here again:

Any types of Wheel Balancer +3D Wheel Alignment VA2023

Saving:15% OFF

Valid time: Till Dec.31.2024